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Meeting minutes from 31 July 2007

The minutes from the group meeting held on July 31, 2007, are now available in text format and Word .doc format.

Feb 8, 2007 - Caltech Pet Education Fair

The Caltech Animal Team and its sister organization, the Collegiate Animal Team, will participate in Caltech’s first Pet Education Fair. The Fair will be from 11:30 – 1:30 in the San Pasqual Mall (area north of Red Door CafĂ©). The aim of the fair is to provide the community with information about Housing policies, CAT, local vets, local resources, etc., regarding cats and pets that can live in a 20 gallon aquarium.

We are raffling cat toys and waivers for the cat fee for Housing, as well as providing light refreshments. Please stop by and say hi!

In case of rain, we’ll be relocating into Winnett.

Meeting minutes from August 28, 2006

The minutes from the group meeting held on August 28 are now available in text format and Word .doc format.

Help needed with fostering kittens

There have been a large number of kittens born recently, and our various contacts who normally care for and foster kittens have their hands completely full. We urgently need to find people who are experienced and able to foster recently-born kittens until someone can adopt them permanently. We will be honest and tell you it is time-consuming and difficult work, but rewarding at the same time. If you have experience with doing this and live off-campus, would you please contact cat@caltech.edu?

In addition, a number of kittens that have been in foster homes for some time are now ready for adoption by caring individuals living in off-campus housing. Although they were born to feral cats, the kittens have been domesticated. Adopting any pet, cat or otherwise, is a commitment for the life of the pet, but if you are ready and have been considering adopting a cat, please let us know. We will put you in touch with the people who have been acting as fosters for these young cats.

CAT Club website updated

Following discussions with Caltech’s legal counsels, CAT is separating hands-on activities into a separate nonprofit 501c3 organization. The Caltech Club will remain on this website, but renamed to the Caltech Animal Team. We have updated the website appropriately.

CAT is now a <i>Bake Me a Wish</i> affiliate

Bake Me a Wish is a premium nationwide service for delivery of gourmet birthday cakes. They supply a number of restaurants in Manhattan and all their cakes are certified Kosher. Make someone’s birthday a happy one by ordering your cake from Bake Me a Wish and help support CAT at the same time!

Notes from CAT meeting held 21 June 2006

The minutes from the group meeting held on June 21 are now available in text format and Word .doc format.

Use GoodSearch to donate to CAT automatically!

GoodSearch is an internet search engine like Google or Yahoo search. Start your search using GoodSearch , enter CAT as your charity, and a portion of the advertising money generated from the search is donated to CAT. You don’t have to do anything else—it’s so simple and so easy!

Notes from CAT group meeting held 21 March 2006

The minutes from the CAT face-to-face meeting of 21 March 2006 are available in plain text format. (We neglected to upload them at the time—sorry!)

Macy's affiliates program benefits

When you shop at Macy’s online using the CAT affiliates program link, we get 4-5% commission on qualified sales!

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