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Orbitz affiliates program benefits

CAT receives the following commissions when you shop at Orbitz using the CAT affiliates link for Orbitz:

Visitors have 30 days to make a purchase on Orbitz.com in order for CAT to get credit.

Netflix affiliate program benefits

CAT receives the following benefits when you shop at NetFlix using the CAT affiliates link for Netflix:

Shopping affiliates now available for fundraising!

We have set ourselves up to be able to take proceeds from sales through many online merchants. Now you can contribute to CAT’s efforts by initiating your online shopping using the links on our affiliates page.

Notes from CAT group meeting held 6 Dec. 2005

The minutes from the latest CAT face-to-face meeting are now available in RTF as well as plain text (.txt) formats.

Trapping planned for Dec. 5

Fauna Outreach is holding a clinic day on Dec. 5, 2005, so members of the Caltech CAT group are going to be trapping cats on the campus this evening. We plan on starting when the sun starts to set.

Notes from the CAT meeting held 11 Nov. 2005

Members of CAT once again got together in the South Mudd building on November 11, for discussion about CAT and its activities. Linda Taddeo and Mike Hucka wrote a summary, available in Word format and in plain text format.

Cat Trapping on Saturday, Oct. 15

CAT volunteers will be on the campus grounds on the evening and night of Saturday, Oct. 15, setting humane traps in an attempt to catch some of the unspayed/unneutered cats on the grounds. On Sunday, the Pasadena Humane Society is holding a Spay-a-thon, in which they offer free spaying/neutering as well as testing for various ailments for feral cats caught by groups such as CAT, and CAT is planning on making as much use of this opportunity as we can.

The traps used by the group will be safe and clearly marked. If you see them on campus, please do not disturb them! And please tell others that the purpose is not to kill the animals, but to have them tested, spayed/neutered, and vaccinated, then either adopted or returned to the Caltech population.

Adoption Page Is Up

The adoption page of this website is now up and running. We will start posting pictures and descriptions of cats that have been found and that we are fostering for adoption in off-campus locations. Please visit the adoption page and consider adopting one of the cats if you can. Don’t forget to tell your friends and neighbors about it too!

More Updates to the Web Site

We have added new sections and new content to this web site, in particular in the new Spay/Neuter area. We’re also working on providing an adoption board where we list homeless kittens and tame cats that we are fostering. Stay tuned for that.

CAT Site Updated with New Logo and Colors

Repeat visitors will notice that we’ve updated the look of the CAT web site. Our new logo design comes courtesy of Jaya Singh, our resident graphic artist. Isn’t it great?

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