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Help needed with fostering kittens

There have been a large number of kittens born recently, and our various contacts who normally care for and foster kittens have their hands completely full. We urgently need to find people who are experienced and able to foster recently-born kittens until someone can adopt them permanently. We will be honest and tell you it is time-consuming and difficult work, but rewarding at the same time. If you have experience with doing this and live off-campus, would you please contact cat@caltech.edu?

In addition, a number of kittens that have been in foster homes for some time are now ready for adoption by caring individuals living in off-campus housing. Although they were born to feral cats, the kittens have been domesticated. Adopting any pet, cat or otherwise, is a commitment for the life of the pet, but if you are ready and have been considering adopting a cat, please let us know. We will put you in touch with the people who have been acting as fosters for these young cats.